Cleveland CBX4 ZipCore Men's Wedges

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Hand: Right Hand

Loft: 50

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If you're utilizing modern cavity back irons or hollow irons, it's logical to complement them with premium cavity back wedges. Enter the new CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, a perfect match for your setup. These wedges are tailored for all your greenside maneuvers, including delicate finesse shots, while boasting the same cutting-edge technology found in their flagship tour wedges.

The CBX ZipCore Wedges feature a face engineered for optimal spin performance, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to their proprietary dynamic blast and laser-milled line technology, which enhances surface roughness. The UltiZip full-face grooves network further elevates performance upon contact, ensuring pure spin, enhanced control, and consistent results by effectively clearing debris and gripping the ball.

At the heart of the CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges lies a revolutionary low-density, lightweight core technology paired with a cavity back design. This innovation not only diminishes vibrations but also redistributes weight, boosting the moment of inertia (MOI) for superior feel, control, consistency, and forgiveness.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced feel, control, consistency, and forgiveness
  • Incorporates flagship wedge technology
  • Maximizes spin in various weather conditions
  • Utilizes low-density, lightweight technology to reduce vibrations