fitness creator live stream selling

Survival of the Fittest

fitness creator live stream selling

How can the fitness and wellness sector utilise

Businesses within the fitness and wellness industries have been great at building and engaging communities and in recent years, pushed severely by the pandemic, have had to move these communities online.

Today, Shoppertainment takes this migration to a new level of interactivity and monetisation. allows trainers, coaches and nutritionists to host live shows where they achieve a deeper interaction with their audience, can learn and adjust from real-time feedback and naturally and seamlessly sell in video, allowing people viewing the video to buy instantaneously whilst watching. Be it new coaching plans, activewear, fitness equipment or Q&A’s with viewers - anything they talk about can be sold.

Wellness coaches and fitness trainers use daily engagement to speak and motivate their clients, whether it’s through WhatsApp groups, SMS, emails, or in-person conversations.

To this point, coaches have had access to their clientele but never with the ‘immediate selling and buying’ opportunities that enables, whilst interacting live with their prospects.

Those who use affiliate links to generate revenue from their communities are potentially in the crosshairs for ad blockers. More and more mobile and desktop users have an ad blocker installed to block excessive digital advertising. In most cases, these affiliate programs are dependent on tracking cookies that are under threat from the Chrome web browser and Apple’s mobile operating IOS.

So far, these coaches have had no easy opportunities to create businesses that leverage their client relationships with their supplier relationships - from equipment manufacturers, to nutritional suppliers and apparel brands.

Education within the health and fitness industry is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to ‘show, tell and demonstrate’, where a visual medium like video can be extremely impactful. Now, add the ability to interact live while allowing customers to ask questions and purchase with ease and you have an industry that can lead the way in shoppertainment.

A perfect example is ‘The Daily J’, hosted by Johno Meintjies, an international sports conditioning specialist and performance trainer who has worked with some of South Africa’s top sports teams and media personalities. He also founded the international lifestyle program, JEFF.

“We believe in empowering, educating and assisting our community to be better versions of themselves,” explains Johno. “ enables them to do so in an efficient way where they have the choice to be involved in the shows and gives them the power to ask what they are looking for and buy it.”

In summary, is a natural fit into the fitness and wellness industry by leveraging expert-created content to present highly immersive and natural shopping experiences that combine both entertainment and education.